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REALM™ is one of Lurainya Koerber’s visions for a full-scale dance theater production. Highlighting the shifting global consciousness toward women’s equality, REALM™ portrays our ongoing challenges and the awakening of the fire within.

Three mini-preview performances have been given to date. Produced, directed, and choreographed by Lurainya Koerber.

To learn more, contact Lurainya.

To watch the 2007 Realm Preview, click here.
To watch the 2008 Realm Preview, click here.
To watch the 2009 Realm Preview, click here.

"Working with Lurainya has been liberating
in that she does not come from the formal
Ballet and Modern schools…She creates her
movements in an organic place…It is refreshing
to leave the long traditions and histories in the
classroom and rehearse a dance in the here
and now. " ~Heather McGeehan, Philadanco II

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